Cancelled due to COVID-19! 6th MoniQA International Conference 2020

9-11 November 2020, MoniQA will return to Rome, where our first international conference was held in 2008. The 6th MoniQA International Conference “The Future of Food Safety - Emerging challenges and innovative solutions for the changing food systems” ( will be organized in cooperation with various international organizations (about 250-300 participants are anticipated). It will be based on the 2019 joint FAO/WHO/WTO conferences in Addis Ababa and Geneva.
MoniQA members will enjoy discounted registration fees and are invited to consider exhibition and sponsoring opportunities.

Built on our successful previous conferences “The Future of Food Safety” will further develop the themes launched by the two FAO/WHO conferences "The First FAO/WHO/AU International Food Safety Conference ADDIS ABABA, 12–13 February 2019” ( and "International Forum on Food Safety and Trade 23–24 APRIL 2019 GENEVA, SWITZERLAND" (

With the aim of ”Transforming Knowledge into Action for People, Economies and the Environment”, the two UN-sponsored conferences discussed new challenges and new opportunities in food safety implicated by the changing food systems. “Ongoing changes in climate, global food production and supply systems affect consumers, industry and the planet itself: food safety systems need to keep pace with these changes. The burden of unsafe food disproportionally affects vulnerable and marginalized people and poses sustainability and development challenges. Despite the growing recognition of the fundamental role food safety plays in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the main objectives of the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition, efforts to strengthen food safety systems remain fragmented and the gains, particularly in many developing countries, have been well below expectations.” The 6th MoniQA International Conference plans to take these themes and invite participation from a broader forum including:

  • Research and technology institutions,
  • Governmental and non-governmental organisations,
  • Regulatory bodies,
  • Food lawyers,
  • Food industry and manufacturers,
  • Retail and food associations,
  • Method providers,
  • Media and consumer representatives.

Around the main conference with oral presentations, panel discussions and poster presentations, satellite workshops and a technical exhibition will give participants the opportunity to dig deeper into specific food safety subjects or get hands-on experience of new analytical and electronic tools relevant to today’s food safety assurance. This multi-disciplinary approach will give all participants a profound insight in emerging food safety issues and the associated challenges in risk management. Representatives from international organizations, such as FAO, IAEA, WHO, UNIDO, World Bank, and the European Commission, will place research results and scientific information in the context of political and societal challenges for the 2020’s and beyond. Furthermore, several international consortia, research teams and projects will use this event to announce new findings and reveal new food safety management tools.
The conference is organised by the MoniQA Association (, in cooperation with other international organisations. The international scientific committee of key scientists in the field of food safety and related areas anticipates an exciting and highly relevant programme.


We hope to see you in Rome, Italy, 9-11 November 2020!
On behalf of the Organising Committee
Bert Popping (President) and Roland Ernest Poms (Secretary General)

Conference Secretariat:
MoniQA Association
Europastrasse 1
A-7540 Güssing
E: rome2020 [at] moniqa [dot] org

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