Project Proposal Development

From a project idea, to a successful research proposal! From project implementation to an efficient project management!

As an intentional and interdisciplinary network of professionals from institutions around the world working in food research, regulatory bodies and trade, the Association Members constantly facilitate new ideas for national and international research projects. Besides this pool of expertise in research, the Association can fall back on extensive experience in research project development, project implementation and project management.

On this basis, the MoniQA Association functions as an incubator for new research projects (from the project idea to the successful proposal! And beyond!) submitted for local or international funding. The MoniQA Association aims at:


  • initiating new research project proposals (as coordinator and as partner)
  • contributing to the development of research project proposals (as project partner or as coordinator)
  • supporting and advising researchers in the state of project development and negotiation (as external partner or subcontractor for proposal preparation)


To receive further information, to make a project proposal, to collect ideas, to update on current undertakings or to make a request for support in the development or implementation of a research project, please contact:


Roland Poms

Secretary General, MoniQA Association

roland [dot] poms [at] icc [dot] or [dot] at

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