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Deadline for abstract submission approaching!

MoniQA Symposium 2018

The organisers of the Second MoniQA Symposium on Food Fraud Prevention and Effective Food Allergen Management, Vienna, Austria 7-8 June 2018, would like to invite you to submit your abstract for poster presentation or short oral presentation before 31 March 2018.

To maximize the impact of your work we are happy to announce that all abstracts will be published as “Open Access” Supplement in ISSN 1757-837X - the online edition of QAS – the International Journal of Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods (Wageningen Academic Publishing).

Submit your abstract! for poster or short oral presentation before 31 March 2018 at

Register before 31 March 2018! and enjoy an early bird discount for the Second MoniQA International Symposium on Food Fraud Prevention and Effective Food Allergen Management, Vienna, Austria, 7-8 June 2018!

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New Board Members in the Team/Supervisory Board 2018

On 5 February 2018 the election of MoniQA Supervisory Board 2018 was closed. We thank the elected officials for their support and leadership in MoniQA:

Richard Cantrill, Canada (2018-2020)

Vice President:
Bert Popping, Germany (2018-2020) 

Elected Supervisory Board (SB) Members:
Richard Cantrill, Canada (2018-2020)
Bert Popping, Germany (2018-2020)
Thomas Gude, Switzerland (2018-2020)
Linda Monaci, Italy (2016-2018)
Sabine Baumgartner, Austria (2017-2019) 

Scientific Advisory Panel:
Sigrid Haas-Lauterbach, Germany (2017-2018)
Paul Dewsbury, United Kingdom (2017-2018)
Samuel Godefroy, Canada (2017-2018)

We thank Marina Carcea, Italy, and Paul Finglas, United Kingdom, for their support and service in the MoniQA Supervisory Board in the past years.

Report: Workshop on Food Allergen Management in Bologna, Italy, 21 February 2018

Some 35 people attended the workshop on Innovative Food Allergen Management and Risk Assessment, on 21 February 2018 (Bologna, Via Fanin 44), co-organised by Hylobates and MoniQA Association. We would like to thank all the speakers for their excellent contributions and the interesting interactions with all the participants. We also thank the sponsors R-Biopharm Italy-Germany (Platinum), Romer Labs Italy-Austria (Gold), and Tecna Italy (Bronze). The workshop was held in Italian and partly in English and offered the participants an update on innovative food allergen management by international experts and up-to-date information on new risk assessment data and its implication for consumers, industry and testing laboratories.

Platinum Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Romer Labs

Become a Sponsor! Food Fraud and Effective Food Allergen Management, Vienna, Austria, 7-8 June 2018

The organisers would like to invite you to support the 2nd MoniQA Symposium "Food Fraud Prevention and Effective Food Allergen Management" to take place in Vienna, 7-8 June 2018 and help make it a success by signing up for your preferred sponsoring option. Various sponsorship packages are availabile, they include registrations for your colleagues and clients, as well as other attractive promotion and marketing opportunities, and the option to have a table top in our small exhibition.

For details please refer to the conference website

Meeting venue and exhibition area: The Austria Trend Eventhotel Pyramide, a 4-star hotel is one of the most unusual hotels in Austria. The Eventhotel Pyramide is located just to the south of Vienna. Set in 45,000m² of green space, the 42-meter-high glass pyramid contains 429 comfortable four-star rooms and suites, a state-of-the-art 3,500m² congress centre, numerous restaurants and bars, and a unique wellness and spa area covering more than 5,000m². We reserved an exquisite area for the exhibition where coffee breaks and lunch will be served.

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Call for Abstracts! Food Fraud and Effective Food Allergen Management, Vienna, Austria, 7-8 June 2018

The organisers of the Second MoniQA Symposium on Food Fraud Prevention and Effective Food Allergen Management, Vienna, Austria 7-8 June 2018, would like to invite you to submit an abstract for poster presentation here.

This Second MoniQA Symposium will address food authenticity, food fraud and the need for simple labeling as major drivers for both the food industry and companies involved in rapidly developing new analytical technologies.

The symposium will provide ample space and time for poster viewing and discussion, as well as publication of the abstract (with ISBN reference), and including the abstract/poster in a best poster award competition.

Posters/abstracts addressing the following topics are welcome at the symposium:

Register now! Food Fraud Prevention and Effective Food Allergen Management, Vienna, Austria, 7-8 June 2018!

Following the great success and extremely positive response after the 1st MoniQA Symposium on Food Fraud Prevention and Effective Food Allergen Management in Bari, Italy, 26-27 January 2017, the MoniQA Association would like to invite you to join us for the Second MoniQA Symposium on Food Fraud and Allergens in Vienna, Austria, 7-8 June 2018.

This Second MoniQA Symposium will address food authenticity, food fraud and the need for simple labeling as major drivers for both the food industry and companies involved in rapidly developing new analytical technologies. The food industry must adapt to this changing landscape and be aware of the regulatory and legal issues that drive the change in the safety and quality of food. This workshop will bring together food industry experts, legal experts, regulators, academics and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to discuss the latest information on the implications of regulations and other burning issues in the food space.

PG Credit Food Allergen Analysis and Management (CPD), 9-13 July 2018, Manchester, UK

The unit will next run in June/July/August 2018 including a residential week of face-to-face teaching in Manchester from the 9th-13th July 2018. The course is run at the  Manchester Institute of Biotechnology with elements also hosted by Waters Corporation (Wilmslow). 

The University of Manchester Food Allergy Network Meeting, 23 March 2018, Manchester, UK

TOPIC FOR THE DAY: Reference materials and reference methods for food allergen analysis

This is a stakeholder workshop for the recently awarded European Food Safety Authority funded project ThRAll (Detection and quantification of allergens in foods and minimum eliciting doses in food allergic individuals), led by Professor Clare Mills form the University of Manchester. Building on the outputs of the recently completed EU-funded iFAAM project and nationally-funded projects in Belgium, France and Italy, ThRAll will involve world leading experts from across Europe. They include Italy (Dr Linda Monaci, CNR-ISPA), Belgium (Dr Nathalie Gillard, CER and Dr Christoff van Poucke,  ILVO) and France (Dr Olivier Tranquet, INRA). The project also has additional co-funding from the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) in Belgium.

If you wish to enquire about the Manchester Food Allergy Network, please contact us by e-mail at mfan [at] manchester [dot] ac [dot] uk.

The link to the on-line booking and agenda can be found here.   

Chemical Food Safety and Integrity part-time MSc at Manchester University

MSc Chemical Food Safety and Integrity -  A part-time MSc in Chemical Food Safety and Integrity is a largely distance learning course aimed at aspiring factory or company quality managers who want to develop the knowledge, techniques and skills needed to deliver safe food products. It includes the following units:

AOAC includes MoniQA Milk Reference Material in Food Allergen SMPR

In its latest session of the AOAC International Stakeholder Panel on Alternative Methods (ISPAM) MoniQA’s first allergen reference material validated for use in milk allergen detection methods was included in AOAC’s SMPR (Standard Method Performance Requirements) for the “Quantitation of Milk by ELISA-based Methods”.

MoniQA’s Gluten-Free Working-Group meets in Vienna, Austria, 14 November 2017


At the occasion of the Whole Grain Summit in Vienna MoniQA’s Gluten-Free Working Group, a subgroup of MoniQA’s Task Force on Food Allergen Reference Materials, met in Vienna to discuss the characterization and production of a new commodity Reference Material to complement the PWG gliadin standard. During the past 3 years TUM - the Technical University of Munich (Germany), BME - Budapest University of Economics (Hungary, BOKU - University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources Vienna (Austria, and HealthCanada (Canada) under the auspices of MoniQA Association have been working on the characterization of some 50 wheat flours to select most representatives wheat varieties to produce a reference material for gluten free analysis.

MoniQA to reaffirm collaborations in Turkey

Hacettepe University: Following an invitation by Hacettepe University based in Ankara, Roland Poms had the chance to visit various companies and the university in Ankara. Hacettepe University was one of the original partners in the EU FP6 funded MoniQA Network of Excellence and it still maintains an active role in MoniQA's food safety educational, training and research activities. With Prof. Hamit Köksel and Prof. Ismail Boyaci MoniQA is proud to have two leading scientists as main contacts in Turkey.

Report: Food Authenticity and Food Fraud Prevention at the 10th Turkish Food Technology Congress, Antalya, Turkey


Roland Poms, Secretary General of MoniQA Association was invited by the Ankara based Turkish Chamber of Food Engineers to give a talk on Food Authenticity and Food Fraud Prevention - Recent misleading claims related to food and nutrition at the 10th Gida Mühendisligi Kongresi (10th Food Technology Congress) in Antalya, Turkey. Some 400 food technologists and food scientists from industry and academia participated in this biannual event. It was a special privilege for Roland Poms and MoniQA to be the only invited foreign guest. The meeting gave great opportunity to network with Turkish scientists and food producers, as well as to meet with new and old friends of MoniQA

MoniQA at OLEUM first annual project meeting held in Thessaloniki, Greece


On 4 - 6 October 2017, OLEUM partners met in Greece for a project meeting to mark the end of the first year of the project and discuss progress and future plans. The meeting was hosted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Roland Poms is member of the Advisory Panel and attended the meeting on behalf of MoniQA Association. The Multi-stakeholder Advisory Board (MS-AB) of OLEUM met for the first time. The MS-AB will meet annually to act as discussion platform to consult in different aspects of the project.

MoniQA Food Allergen RM Task Force met at AOAC 2017, Atlanta, GA, USA

The MoniQA Food Allergen Reference Materials Task Force met on 27 September 2017, 14:00-17:00 at the 131st AOAC Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The task force was attended by some 30 participants and discussed the progress and the next steps in the design and production of validated food allergen reference materials. After the first set of milk reference materials became available at the beginning of 2017 (see also, further materials are in preparation.

Symposium: Frontiers in Food Allergy and Allergen Risk Assessment and Management, 18-20 April 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Following the end of iFAAM – the EU funded collaborative research project on “Integrated Approaches to Food Allergy and Food Allergen Management”, ILSI Europe is organizing a symposium 18-20 April 2018, in Barcelona, Spain. This symposium will provide an ideal forum to disseminate the evidence, knowledge and tools developed in the iFAAM project to stakeholders and actors involved in food allergen and food allergy management gloibally. The symposium will also identify key activities required for further implementation.

Read more

Supervisory Board meets in Rome, Italy

The MoniQA Supervisory Board 2017 and the co-opted Advisory Panel 2017 met in Rome, Italy, 27 June 2017. This meeting was intended to draft some strategic plans for priority technical topics, contents for future workshops and symposia, and other activities.

Order now! First validated Milk Allergen Reference Materials for Food Analysis

The first validated Reference Materials for Food Allergen Analysis are now available and can be ordered from MoniQA Association by using the online order form and return the completed, signed/stamped form to moniqa [at] moniqa [dot] org.

FAO Conference in Sochi, Russia

Roland Poms, Secretary General of MoniQA, was invited to give a talk on Food Allergen Management at an International Conference entitled “Food Safety and Risk Analysis” which was held in Sochi, Russia, 18-19 May 2017. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Rospotrebnadzor, the Russian Federal Agency for Wellbeing, Consumer Rights and Consumer Protection were jointly organizing this meeting.

MoniQA at the 1st APGC – First ICC Asia-Pacific Grain Conference took place in Xiamen, China

The ICC Asia-Pacific Grains Conference (APGC) which was co-organised by ICC - The International Association for Cereal Science and Technology and CCOA - The Chinese Cereals and Oils Association (both MoniQA Founder Members), took place in Xiamen, China, 21-24 May 2017.

Workshop "Reference Materials and Method Validation in Food Safety Assurance", BOKU, Vienna, Austria

Roland Poms from MoniQA Association lectured on "Reference Materials and Method Validation in Food Safety Assurance" at BOKU - University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources, Vienna, Austria,, on selected days and times between 28 February and 8 March 2017. The lecture especially targeted Master and PhD students in the areas of food safety, food analysis, reference materials and measurements, and quality control. The course was also very useful as part of CPD (continued professional training), for QC personnel in food industry and auditors. Apart from enrolled MSc and PhD students, MoniQA members had access to a maximum of 10 places.

Great interest and very active participation at the iFAAM sponsored workshop on food allergen management in Rome, Italy,

Some 35 participants were involved in a workshop on "Introduction to food allergen management" that was held on 7 February 2017 in Rome, Italy. This workshop was organised by Hylobates (Member of MoniQA since 2016) within the framework of the EU-funded Project iFAAM (Integrated Approaches to Food Allergen and Allergy Risk Management). The workshop provided an introduction on food allergen management and included two parts: a theoretical part with presentations and discussions given by Luca Bucchini and Roland Poms, and a practical part with hands-on training given by Dario Deli & Serena Leardini from Romer Labs, and Francesco Fieramosca & Valeria Bassani from Tecna.

MoniQA Association thanks the presenters and sponsors for a great event in Bari, Italy

Close to 100 participants followed an exciting scientific and at the same time very practical and informative symposium #MoniqaBari on food fraud prevention and effective food allergen management in Bari, Italy, 26-27 January 2017, Due to the extremely positive feedback, we are considering to take the program on the road.

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