Statutes of the Association

The MoniQA Association is registered as a non-profit distributing association (Verein) established in Vienna, Austria and subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.

Strategic business decisions will be the responsibility of an elected Supervisory Board, while the scientific direction of the association will be guided by a separate Scientific Advisory Committee. The General Assembly is ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with the entity's statutes (discussed above) and holding both the Supervisory Board and Secretary General to account with regards to reaching those goals in a scientifically appropriate and financially prudent manner. MoniQA applies a best practice ethics code of conduct.

More information: The MoniQA Statues in English and German (certified translation) (PDF documents attached).

File MoniQA_Association_Statuten Deutsch 2017-06-16.pdf115.57 KB
File MoniQA_Association_Statutes English 2017-06-16.pdf124.93 KB

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