The Inter-Agency Meeting (IAM)

A series of meetings of International Organizations working in the field of methods of analysis and sampling of food products and associated quaility assurance measures.

MoniQA 2017


The aim of the Inter-Agency Meeting (IAM) is to promote co-operation between international organizations (INGOs and IGOs) working on methods of analysis and sampling and the associated quality assurance measures, and to support the needs of the Codex Alimentarius Commission. The Commission is an inter-governmental organization considers and sets standards for food products and international trade. Standards may address compositional, additive or contaminant issues. In addition, the Commission elaborates methods of analysis and sampling to "enforce" such standards.

The IAM provides a unique opportunity for those organizations working in the food analysis sector to discuss common problems and the opportunities to harmonize approaches to be ultimate benefit of the users of the products of organizations working in the area of the analytical methods.

The Inter-Agency Meeting:

  • Develops and/or recommends common rules for the validation of methods of analysis and sampling and associated quality assurance measures
  • Assists the Codex Alimentarius Commission in its need for methods of analysis and sampling and associated quality assurance measures
  • Promotes co-ordination between the organizations concerned
  • Addresses problems which require international collaboration
  • Promotes uniformity of terminology relative to its field of activity

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The Secretariat is currently held by USP and the MoniQA Association.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Richard Cantrill (Chair IAM)
MoniQA Past President

Phone: +1 217 979 9123

Email: Richard [dot] Cantrill [at] gmail [dot] com


IAM Membership

Current Members of the Inter-Agency Meeting, or organisations which contribute to it, include:


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