Food Fraud Prevention and Risk Based Food Allergen Management Workshop Budapest 2020 - Programme

MoniQA 2017

Food Fraud Prevention and Risk Based Food Allergen Management WS - Programme

(Preliminary - Speakers to be confirmed)


Part 1: Food Fraud Prevention

  1. Defining food fraud – What? Why? Who? ….OR… Food Fraud – who cares?
    Introductory presentation, what are the elements of food fraud, challenges to harmonize a definition for food fraud, food authenticity, food integrity, examples
  2. Legal aspects and regulatory readiness to deal with food fraud around the globe
    Litigation cases, agencies and regulations dealing with food fraud (example USA, or China, or EU), civil vs public law, new punative trends
  3. Tools to tackle food fraud
    Documentation, traceability, networks, databases, blockchain, e-certification, analytical methods
  4. Targeted versus non-target methods to detect food fraud – opportunities and challenges
    Definition, advantages, challenges, value in legal cases, validation requirements/challenges, choosing the right method

Part 2: Risk Based Food Allergen Management

  1. Labelling and risk based management
    Codex Standard, labelling practices, VITAL 3.0, threshold levels, action levels
  2. Analytical methods for food allergen management – gaps and needs
    ELISA, MS, PCR, reference materials, reference method development, validation
  3. The gluten case
    Codex and gluten, standards, new methods, limitations, challenges

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