General info about the MoniQA Association

MoniQA Association
(Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the Total Food Supply Chain)

Mission Statement:

MoniQA is an international and interdisciplinary network of professionals from institutions working in food research, regulatory bodies and trade, providing solutions to promote a safer and secure food supply worldwide. MoniQA facilitates international research collaborations to enable services and products for food safety & quality assurance. MoniQA contributes to the development and validation of analytical methods, provides training and continuous professional development (CPD), consultancy and socio-economic impact assessment.

To achieve our mission:

  • We foster an international pool of experts with multidisciplinary expertise
  • We provide privileged information
  • We provide a portal for facilitating guidelines, protocols, links, and scientific publications
  • We offer membership to interested institutions in all countries
  • We participate in Technical Committees (ISO, CEN, Codex, etc.)
  • We organise training workshops, webinars, and educational courses
  • We organise scientific conferences and provide a platform for networking and cooperation
  • We conduct research and enable collaborative research projects, consortia, funds, project management services, and mobility and exchange programs
  • We provide Reference Materials and manage validation studies


MoniQA Association was launched in 2011 succeeding the highly rated EU-funded Network of Excellence on Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the total Food Supply Chain (MoniQA, 2007-2012). With a proven record of international collaboration (involvement of more than 500 experts from over 40 countries on 5 continents) and successfully developing harmonized guidelines, tools and services to improve food safety and quality worldwide, MoniQA Association was founded to improve global collaboration in food safety & quality assurance, by facilitating research cooperations and industry consultancy, serving international organisations, governments, local authorities by providing expertise, tools and services to ensure a safer and secure food supply. MoniQA Association is registered as a non-profit-distributing association established in Vienna, Austria.

More information:

  • Download our Mission Statement (PDF file attached below)
  • Download the MoniQA Prospectus (PDF file attached below)
  • Download the MoniQA Introduction Presentation (PDF document attached below)
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File MoniQA_association_prospectus_full.pdf2.33 MB
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File MoniQA Association Code of Business Practice Version I (2011-07-14).pdf238.67 KB

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