About the MoniQA Association

(International Association for Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the Total Food Supply Chain)

MoniQA is an international and interdisciplinary network of professionals from institutions working in food research, regulatory bodies and trade, providing solutions to promote a safer and secure food supply worldwide.

MoniQA facilitates international research collaborations to enable services and products for food safety & quality assurance, progress and validation of analytical methods, training and continuous professional development, consultancy and socio-economic impact assessment.

MoniQA Association was launched in 2011 as a result of a successful EU-funded Network of Excellence on Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the Total Food Supply Chain (MoniQA, 2007-2012).

To achieve our mission:

  • We foster an international pool of experts with multidisciplinary expertise
  • We provide privileged information
  • We provide a portal for facilitating guidelines, protocols, links, and scientific publications
  • We offer membership to interested institutions in all countries
  • We participate in Technical Committees (ISO, CEN, Codex, etc.)
  • We organise training workshops, webinars, and educational courses
  • We organise scientific conferences and provide a platform for networking and cooperation
  • We conduct research and enable collaborative research projects, consortia, funds, project management services, and mobility and exchange programs
  • We provide Reference Materials and manage validation studies

More info:

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