MoniQA Validation Studies

MoniQA – International Association for Monitoring and Quality Assurance in the Total Food Supply Chain, involves experts from around the globe working for safer foods by harmonising worldwide food quality and safety monitoring and control strategies. The network includes control and reference laboratories, industrial and research laboratories, method providers and test kit manufacturers, food manufacturers and food related associations, universities, and policy makers. The network has committed its knowledge, international relations, and communication resources to providing reliable information, globally agreed standards and tools to ensure safe foods, to support regulatory bodies in drafting better future regulations, food manufacturers in achieving legal compliance and producing high quality foods, and finally avoiding remedial, legal or re-call costs, and improving the quality of life for consumers. MoniQA focuses on validation of and setting performance criteria/requirements for methods used to analyse foods and food products for safety and quality. The main emphasis is on rapid methods and emerging new testing technologies, and their applicability and reliability in routine testing.

MoniQA organises and manages international ring trials to validate methods for regulatory and surveillance purposes by supporting SDOs (Standardisation Organisations) around the globe, primarily CEN, ISO, and Codex Alimentarius.

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