MoniQA’s Gluten-Free Working-Group meets in Vienna, Austria, 14 November 2017


At the occasion of the Whole Grain Summit in Vienna MoniQA’s Gluten-Free Working Group, a subgroup of MoniQA’s Task Force on Food Allergen Reference Materials, met in Vienna to discuss the characterization and production of a new commodity Reference Material to complement the PWG gliadin standard. During the past 3 years TUM - the Technical University of Munich (Germany), BME - Budapest University of Economics (Hungary, BOKU - University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources Vienna (Austria, and HealthCanada (Canada) under the auspices of MoniQA Association have been working on the characterization of some 50 wheat flours to select most representatives wheat varieties to produce a reference material for gluten free analysis.

The meeting on 14 November 2017 in the Austria Centre Vienna, Austria, served to collect and discuss the recent research results and to decide on the next steps. The reference material shall become available in early 2018. From the agenda:

1)           Status on RM wheat varieties, acquisition, milling, storage, sampling

2)           Status characterization

3)           Assessing the input from the meetings at AOAC and AACCI

4)           Decisions and next steps

5)           IPR Agreement and Sales Agreement

If you are interested to sign up for this group or contribute as MoniQA Member, please contact moniqa [at] moniqa [dot] org

Members of the Task Force and MoniQA Members can access a full report and presentation of the meeting.

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