Job offers at UNIDO: 2 experts: one Analytical Chemist and one Microbiologist

UNIDO, with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, is looking for an analytical chemist and a microbiology expert in the fisheries sector. The chemistry expert must have experience in AAS as well as in LCMSMS / GCMS methods. The microbiologist expert must have experience in Real Time PCR and other standard methods applicable in the fisheries sector.

The aim of the assignments is to guide the analysts of the Bangladesh FIQC in getting accreditation for these methods.

Interested? – Then please contact Karl Schebesta, Industrial Development Officer at UNIDO  HQ, VIC, P-O. Box 300, 1400 Vienna, Austria, Tel: +43 1 26026 3490, Fax: +43 1 21346 3490; k [dot] schebesta [at] unido [dot] org.

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