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Medical University of Varna
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84 Tzar Osvoboditel str.
9000 Varna
 BG (Bulgaria)
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The Medical University of Varna is a high-tech university. The classical models of teaching at the university are well combined with the latest technologies – 3D anatomy training and a system for complementary e-learning rich in electronic content.
The University offers uncompromised quality of training and it is the first and the only university in Bulgaria which introduced the model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM ®) for Business Excellence in 2009. The diplomas issued by the University are recognized in all European countries. The preferred University for students from 44 countries all over the world has 82 international partners from 5 continents.
The university offers to its students modern environment with unlimited opportunities for their development – high-tech labs and training premises, a library with electronic reading rooms and access to the best world information databases. It provides also excellent opportunities for scientific publications in six academic journals: Scripta scientifica medica, Varna Medical Forum, Health Economics and Management, Biomedical Forum (jointly with the Society), Info Academia, Magazine IMAB - a joint publication.
Department of Chemistry
The team of Department of Chemistry consists of two professors, one associated professor, 4 chief assistant professors, 3 assistant professors, 2 PhD students, chemists and laboratory assistants. Lectures and laboratory classes in chemistry for students of medicine and dental medicine, physical, analytical and inorganic chemistry for students of pharmacy and general, inorganic, analytical and sanitary chemistry for students of medical college are responsibility of teaching staff.
The professors and assistant professors organize and conduct preparatory courses for prospective applicants, support students at their participation in forums and scientific events.
Laboratory for marine resources and aquacultures investigation
Laboratory for marine resources and aquacultures investigation is established though the project “Incresing the capacity of the Laboratory for Food chemistry and Environment and turning it to a Laboratory for marine resources and aquacultures investigation”. The laboratory is specialized and has a 10 years experience on analyses for quality and safety of marine organisms and aquacultures as food, where Black Sea mussels, Rapana and macroalgae are studied. Persistent organic pollutants, toxic metals, fatty acid and fat soluble vitamins content in marine and fresh water organisms are investigated. Scientists are experts in HPLC-UV/FL, GS/MS and ICP-OES techniques.
Recently projects covering marine toxins and seasonal variations in lipid profile and thermal stress effect on the lipid composition of Black sea
Mytilus galloprovincialis and Rapana venosa are being developed. Methods for estimating safety and quality of maricultures as food, determination of quality in sense of fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and essential elements in maricultures as food, health risk assessment in sense of persistent organic pollutants, toxic metals and marine toxins when consuming maricultures will be implemented.

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