Corona update: Cancellation of IAM, CCMAS and MoniQA Workshop in Budapest

We regret to inform you that the MoniQA Workshop on “Food Fraud Prevention and Risk Based Food Allergen Management scheduled for 10 May 2020 in Budapest, Hungary, has been cancelled due to the corona pandemic. Last week Hungary declared a state of emergency for the entire country. As such, all meetings are suspended.

We will update you on possible rescheduling as soon as we have more information. At this time there is no information on new dates. Thank you for understanding. The preparation for the international conference on “The Future of Food Safety” planned for 9-11 November 2020 in Rome, Italy, will be continued, however, if emergency measures in Italy (and globally) continue beyond the summer, the organizers will offer free cancellation of registrations and hotel reservations.

This cancellation concerns the following meetings in Budapest, Hungary:
Cancelled! Inter Agency Meeting (IAM) scheduled for Friday, 8 May 2020
Cancelled! Methods Endorsement Meeting scheduled for Saturday, 9 May 2020
Cancelled! MoniQA Workshop for Codex Delegates on “Food Fraud Prevention and Risk Based Food Allergen Management” scheduled for Sunday 10 May 2020
Cancelled! CCMAS 41 – The Codex Committee Methods of Analysis and Sampling scheduled for Monday through Thursday 11-15 May 2020

The Codex Secretariat, in agreement with the respective host secretariats of the Codex Committee Methods of Analysis and Sampling (CCMAS) has regrettably cancelled the upcoming 2020 sessions due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

The chairpersons of the committee are in consultation with the chairpersons of Electronic Working Groups (EWGs) and the Codex Secretariat to explore the possibility of working by correspondence with a view to progressing some of the work in the step process for consideration by CAC43 in July 2020.

The Codex Secretariat will also seek to establish a mechanism whereby EWGs can continue their work through to the next session of the respective committees.

Thank you for understanding.


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