Combine your MoniQA/USP attendance in Rockville with a participation at the NIST Food Safety Workshop in Gaithersburg!

MoniQA/USP and NIST coordinated their meetings to offer best options for attendees to attend both events in the food safety space. Only 5 miles or 10 minutes drive apart, the two meetings in Rockville and Gaithersburg will offer a diverse and complementary programme. With different approaches and aims of the two meetings you might be able to get the best of dhow to develop future strategies, training and education, networking and highly relevant practical experience how to shape the future of food safety in the different environments: food manufacturing, food control, food trade and food law.

Thus the main workshop programme of NIST is scheduled 28-30 October 2019, with a half day each focusing on 1) microbiological contaminants, 2) chemical containants and residues, 3) food allergens, 4) food authenticity, fraud and adulteration, and 5) global food safety. On the additional day 31 October 2019 there will be a committee meeting to draft a strategic white paper.

Likewise MoniQA/USP scheduled their main symposium right after NIST´s main workshop, 31 October-1 November 2019, with internal committee meetings and open task force meetings ahead of the main symposium on 30 October 2019 – please see some details above.

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