POPs Proficiency Test for Food: Deadline 15 March 2019, samples will be shipped 31 March 2019

Sign up now for the POPs Proficiency Test for Food organized by Lab Services, a MoniQA Member located in Bologna, Italy. In the frame of InterCinD 2019: POPs PT FOR FOOD, ACCREDITED ISO 17043, the organizer will provide River Fish samples for POPs and HM determination. Please note that the deadline for signing up to participate in this proficiency test is 15 March 2019, samples will be shipped 31 March 2019. More details can be found in the linked documents and on the official website: https://www.intercind.eu/participant-lab/calendar-pts/. The next accredited PT round for FOOD, ENVIRONMENTAL and INDUSTRIAL samples will take place in September 2019.

The New PT for POPs in FOOD is starting!

the sample provided is FISH for POPs and HM determination.

This PTP is accredited UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17043 (ACCREDIA Nr 0007P)
Essence of InterCinD are the reference materials used, all REAL MATRIX available in NATURE with hendogenic contamination, prepared and characterized according to the international guidelines for the production of reference materials.

If your Lab is searching for an International PT, join us and look the Participant Form and the Instruction to Participants on www.intercind.eu
Subscription Terms: within 15th March 2019

Please note:

You can choose which kind of contaminants determine in the list provided.

manganelli [at] intercind [dot] eu (subject: InterCinD%20offer%20Request) (contact us) if you need DEDICATED TERMS of Subscription !!!
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