Extended deadline for abstract submission: 20 April 2018!

MoniQA Symposium 2018

The organisers of the Second MoniQA Symposium on Food Fraud Prevention and Effective Food Allergen Management, Vienna, Austria 7-8 June 2018, would like to invite you to submit your abstract for poster presentation or short oral presentation before 20 April 2018.

To maximize the impact of your work we are happy to announce that all abstracts will be published as “Open Access” Supplement in ISSN 1757-837X - the online edition of QAS – the International Journal of Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods (Wageningen Academic Publishing).

Submit your abstract! for poster or short oral presentation before 20 April 2018 at https://moniqa-vienna2018.meetinghand.com/en/616-abstracts

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From the content:
Food fraud undermines consumer confidence and threatens food safety. According to the 2016 US Pharmacopeial Convention, economically motivated adulteration (EMA) is a global economic problem and a public health issue. It is estimated to cost the industry $ 10-15 billion annually and up to 10% of the global food supply appear to be affected. Food fraud typically involves a wide range of intentional fraudulent activities, usually for economic reasons (addition of non-authentic substances or removal or replacement of authentic substances) or counterfeiting (production of substandard goods sold as premium brands).
An exciting programme with practical litigation cases, with strategies and methods for detecting and combating food fraud, are presented by renowned speakers from around the world. Join us in Vienna and meet the "Food Detectives" and get to know modern technologies that are looking for the "unknown" or learn about legal regulations and get practical advice for protecting your branded products, for correct food labeling food, and ultimately to maintain consumer trust. The symposium includes speakers from the United Nation's FAO/IAEA, IFS, LGC, USP, as well as industry representatives from Nestle, SQTS/MIGROS, and others, as well as from various law firms and food research institutions.

The Second International MoniQA Symposium on Food Fraud Prevention and Effective Food Allergen Management will address food authenticity, food fraud and the need for simple labeling as major drivers for both the food industry and companies involved in rapidly developing new analytical technologies. The symposium will provide ample space and time for poster viewing and discussion, as well as publication of the abstract, and including the abstract/poster in a best poster award competition.

Posters/abstracts addressing the following topics are welcome at the symposium:
Food Quality and Safety
Socio-Economics of Food Quality and Safety
Food Authenticity
Economic and Public Health Impacts
Food Integrity
"Free from" foods
Food Fraud
Food Analysis
Food Allergens
Food Databases
Food Quality Management
Reference Methods
Food Recalls
Reference Materials
Consumer Science
Non-Targeted Methods
Consumer Perception
Big Data
Pre-cautionary Labelling
Regulatory Issues
Risk Assessment & Risk Management
Food Law, Legislation
Consumer Held Analytical Devices
Brand Protection
Rapid Methods and Confirmatory Methods
Food Trade
Method Validation
Food Quality Labels
Expression of Analytical Results
Supplier Control
International Food Standards
Traceability and Blockchain

Please submit your abstract before 20 April 2018 to https://moniqa-vienna2018.meetinghand.com/en/616-abstracts to guarantee publication of your abstract and to reserve your presentation space. Please mind that at least one of the authors needs to register for the meeting. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at vienna [at] moniqa [dot] org.

Please follow the Guidelines for Abstract Submission https://moniqa-vienna2018.meetinghand.com/projectData/736/webData/General-guidelines-for-abstract-preparation.pdf

We warmly invite you to attend this meeting in Vienna, which brings together international experts in the fields of food authenticity and food allergens, as well as various food industries, SMEs, research institutions, associations and regulatory bodies, all having a different stake in food safety. This special mix of scientific and practical input to the symposium will be a valuable opportunity to grow your knowledge base, learn from practical experiences, and exchange ideas with peers. Vienna has earned an outstanding reputation as meeting destination and is ranked top every year in the statistics kept by the International Congress & Convention Association. The central location of Vienna in the heart of Europe is beneficial to all delegates who are able to reach Vienna easily with direct flights from any European capital as well as from many other cities worldwide.

We hope to see you in Vienna in June 2018!

Dr. Richard Cantrill
President, Canada

Dr. Roland Poms
Secretary General, Austria



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