5th International Dietary Fibre Conference DF12

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Date and Location
20 October 2011 - 21 October 2011
 IT (Italy)

The 5th International Dietary Fibre Conference DF12 will take place in Rome, Italy in May 7-9, 2012.

DF12 will continue the highly successful series of the earlier DF Conferences as seen during the past 4 editions, from Ireland in 2000, to latest in Vienna 2009: integration of nutritional and consumer science with food technology, product development, analysis and legal aspects. DF12 is the occasion where scientists, regulators and industry representatives from all over the world can meet in a unique location where participants can develop modern ideas while drawing inspiration from the beauty of Rome, the cradle of progress and civilization of the Ancient World.

DF12 will discuss all sources of dietary fibre: natural fibres (from vegetables, cereals, legumes, fruits, etc.), isolated and synthetic fibres and their role in human nutrition and innovative food products. DF12 will therefore offer a wide forum for all disciplines and industrial sectors involved in the research, exploitation and  utilization of dietary fibre. A rich table top exhibition of products, machinery and scientific tools will contribute to giving the participants a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the field of dietary fibre.

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