FFoQSI GmbH - Feed and Food Quality Safety and Innovation


FFoQSI GmbH - Feed and Food Quality Safety and Innovation
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FFoQSI stands for for Austrian Competence Centre of Feed and Food Quality, Safety and Innovation. Funded in 2017, FFoQSI is the first Austrian competence centre for integrated research and innovation from farm to fork. 

The COMET-K1 competence centre FFoQSI is funded by the Austrian ministries BMVIT, BMDW and the Austrian provinces Niederoesterreich, Upper Austria and Vienna within the scope of COMET - Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies. The programme COMET is handled by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG.

FFoQSI unites the competence of six Austrian leading universities and research institutions with the know-how of more than 30 innovative Austrian and foreign company partners along the value chain feed-food.

Together with our consortium partners, we investigate critical issues along the value chains of plant derived feed and food (green value chain, area 1) and animal derived food (red value chain, area 2). By applying scientific methods, we explore how to improve production of feeds and foods in regard of quality, safety and sustainability.

In our strategic research (blue sky innovation, area 3) we develop advanced technologies for feed and food related application scenarios. We especially focus on basic research and - based on the results - development of advanced and universally applicable technologies for improved and quicker controls of hygiene, quality and authenticity along the value chains of plant- and animal derived feed and food of areas 1 and 2.

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