Introducing the iFAAM Project (Integrated Approaches to Food Allergen and Allergy Risk Management)

The iFAAM Project - The world's biggest ever study of allergies – kicked off in March 2013. The MoniQA Assocation supports the project as project partner.

Up to 20 million European citizens suffer from food allergy. However management of both food allergy, by patients and health practitioners, and allergens, by industry, is thwarted by lack of evidence to either prevent food allergy developing or protect adequately those who are already allergic.

Funded by the 7th Framework Programme and coordinated by Manchester University, iFAAM will develop evidence-based approaches and tools for MANAGEMENT of ALLERGENS in FOOD and integrate knowledge derived from their application and new knowledge from intervention studies into FOOD ALLERGY MANAGEMENT plans and dietary advice. The resulting holistic strategies will reduce the burden of food allergies in Europe and beyond, whilst enabling the European food industry to compete in the global market place.

The MoniQA Association supports the iFAAM project as a WorkPackage Leader of a WP on translating iFAAM developed tools and food allergen management approaches into applicable tools and services. The project will run till 2017.

The 2nd iFAAM meeting has been hold in Cork, October 2013. For more information please see: link

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