Attention: meeting cancelled! New Trends for Multi-Components Analysis, 02-03 March 2017, Barcelona, Spain, 02-03 March 2017

The organizers are sorry to inform you that the International Symposium planned to be held in Barcelona on 02-03 March 2017 has been cancelled!

The  Europe Section of the AOAC INTERNATIONAL, cordially invites you to attend the International Symposium “Labs in a Crystall Ball - New Trends for Multi-Components Analysis”, 02-03 March 2017, in Barcelona, Spain, 02-03 March 2017, jointly organized by the International Symposium AOACI Europe and ACE Analytical Community Europe. A great programme is waiting for you and will offer new insights in modern food analysis. To view the programme details and to register, please go to
Register before 13 February 2017 and enjoy a 40 % discount on your registration fee!

Take this opportunity and learn more about the Europe Section of AOAC and experience the many benefits of this professional group which consists of representatives of the analytical community in Europe.

The activities of the section are of interest to many stakeholders from industry and trade, consumer and environmental protection agencies, public authorities and regulaters in Europe and/or Mediterranean countries.

AOAC Europe is a section of AOAC INTERNATIONAL and was established in 1989. It is an organization of professional scientists that exchange knowledge and information to help each other excel in their profession. For more details please go to

The target of the International Symposium in Barcelona on the 2nd and 3rd  March 2017 is a solid example of these activities. High level scientists with International profile will be presenting and debating their latest results in the following areas:

Analytical tools for public health

Marine Biotoxins



Veterinary Drugs

Food Packaging contact materials

Environmental contaminants

Dioxins determinations

Quality assessment, QbD (Pharmaceutical Quality by Design)

accreditation of testing laboratories

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we hope to see you in Barcelona!

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